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Quality Printing!

Did you know: people have a 32% increase in memory retention of a message when they handled it as a hard copy compared to viewing a website.

It sticks! Print media is noted to have a unique “stickiness” to the messages it delivers. It is easily put down and picked up. It is easily shared, always available, ecologically sound and it forms part of a unique bridging technology to other forms of media.

Print is a $640 billion dollar industry that dwarfs the online advertising industry at $47 billion dollars – Source: Keen Systems.

In a case study by Virginia Tech, open rates were 77% for the print version versus 49% for the online version of the Virginia Tech Alumni Magazine – Source: Target Marketing, Printing Info August 2014


Creative Services

You’ve got my attention!

Did you know: The Average person is exposed to 5,000 messages per day. They notice 52. They remember 4. With the right creative material delivered at the right time, to the right place, let’s make sure they remember you.

You’ve got my attention! Don’t underestimate the power of creative design. The right creative approach can pull it all together and make a difference in what gets noticed and what gets overlooked. We put imaginative ideas together for you. See what we have in mind for you and your business.


Web Design

Tell me now!

Did you know: 88% of internet users will research products and companies online – source Forrester Research 2012

Tell me now! Without a web site, your business is non-existent to most potential would-be customers. Not only that, if you want them to keep coming back, the site must be informative and somewhat entertaining. Static sites just don’t cut it anymore.

Most web searches are performed on smart phones for instant gratification. Your site must be mobile friendly.


Mobile Marketing

What’s close to me?

Did you know: 90% of mobile text messages are read within 3 minutes – Source: Target Marketing February 2015

Mobile marketing is an almost instant low-cost way to supplement personal sales, advertising, traditional mail and other activities to stay in front of your customers and prospects in a local market.

What’s close to me? That’s why people use their phones to search. Research has shown that 59% of mobile phone owners use their phone to search for products in the neighbourhood. Like email marketing, permission must be provided by the contact before either text or voice mobile marketing can be sent to them. To quote Craig Davis, Chief Creative Office Worldwide, J. Walter Thompson, the world’s 4th largest advertising agency, “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”


Variable Data & Personalization

Variable Data & Personalization

You know me!

Did you know: 83% of consumers will spend more if they feel personally connected to a company – source Silverpop, an IBM company January 2015

Variable data and personalization refers to the customization of a marketing message so that it either identifies the specific prospect/customer or a closely associated demographic group. The intent is to make the message more meaningful to the recipient.

You know me! That’s what customers feel about personalization. Almost 40% of consumers will try a new business if your communications is more personal and in-tune with them. At Allegra, we understand and deploy communications that link customers and prospects through personalization, PURLS (personal URLs), GURLS (general URLs) and QR (quick response) codes.


Promotional Products

I want that!

Did you know: 90% of Canadians who own promotional outerwear, hats, drink ware and bags remember the advertiser – source ASI study March 2015

The promotional products industry is now a $20+ billion dollar global industry. Almost every major brand uses some sort of promotional product. The Canadian 2014 top 5 leaders are: writing instruments, shirts, bags, calendars and headwear.

I want that! That’s how consumers feel about gifts. Promotional products are memorable and effective. They are used as gifts, rewards and incentives for consumers and employees alike. Consumers say it’s one of the very few forms of advertising that they feel good about getting. Not only that, but they keep them as well, sometimes for years. The more useful product or the more special the moment, then the more likely it will be kept and displayed for all to see.


Fulfillment Services

Store it! Package it! Ship it!

Did you know: We store, package and ship marketing products for our clients from Vancouver, Lower Mainland and all across North America every day.

Fulfillment, the automatic and accurate delivery of material to customers and clients has come to be expected as a natural routine of business.

Store it! Package it! Ship it! That’s what your customers/clients expect and that’s the experience you want them to have. They are not coming to you. You are going to them.


Search engine optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Be seen and found or lose business it is this simple. Expert Search marketing and SEO Services are about more than driving traffic to your website.
Allegra’s customer focused search strategies promote actions and conversions. We use quality content and the user experiences and testing.

Allegra’s search marketing strategies consider your consumers wants and needs, and the intent behind their searches. Researching keywords, provide targeting recommendations, and create content that will drive searches and engage users across multiple devices pushing conversions.


Wide Format

What’s new in the neighbourhood?

Vancouver and abroad did you know: consumers consider signage as one of the most useful sources of immediate new product information.

What’s new in the neighbourhood? Big impressions for big results. Posters, banners, signs, window and wall graphics are one of the most effective, yet least expensive forms of advertising. This is a proven media that will provide you with long term results in your local market. It tells people your company has arrived. For consumers, the quality of the signage infers the quality of the company so advertise accordingly.

That’s why consumers read signs, posters, window graphics, etc. At Allegra, we can print your text and graphics on almost anything from window clings and floor graphics to metal and wood up to 2.5″ thick!


Direct Mail

What’s this?

Did you know: almost 50% of consumers would prefer companies communicate with postal mail – Source: Marketing Sherpa February 2015

It starts with a name. It starts with a name. Direct mail is one of the most measurable marketing vehicles and is practiced by businesses of all sizes from start-ups to the Fortune 500, even the internet search companies’ use direct mail.

You can contact me anytime! That’s how consumers react to unobtrusive direct mail. Direct Mail is one of the few initial marketing approaches that are accepted by most prospects & customers. It does not intrude on customers, does not use up their resources and can be viewed on their schedule. Effective direct mail is all about the list, the offer, the graphics, the urgency, and the call to action. It’s also about ease of response. The Direct Marketing Association considers direct mail as the gateway to long term relationships with customers.


Email Marketing

Do I know you?

Did you know: 53% of total email opens occurred on mobile phones in 3Q 2014 – source Litmus January 2015

Email marketing is the low-cost way to supplement personal sales, advertising, traditional mail and other activities to stay in front of your customers and prospects both locally and globally.

Do I know you? That’s what consumers ask when they receive an email. The law in Canada is that companies must apply for and receive permission from contacts before sending email marketing to them. When this permission is given, then 70% of consumers want companies to email information to them. Source: Marketing Sherpa, February 2015


QR Codes

Tell me more!

Did you know: one in five smartphone users have scanned a barcode.

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are targeted at mobile phone users. It allows them to scan a code and receive information about your company and products.

Tell me more! That’s what QR codes do. They are designed to provide immediate information to a customer.


Video Communications

Entertain me!

Did you know: viewers of a marketing video are 174% more likely to seek more information about the product viewed – Source: Marketing Sherpa February 2015

Research shows that nearly half the population learns visually. Given a choice between a full page of content and watching a 60 second explainer video, the video would win out every time. Not only that, but we retain more information when our brains are both verbally and visually stimulated.

Entertain me! That’s what videos are all about. A few years ago, it was stated that over 70% of internet users will watch online video – Source: Forrester Research 2012. In July of 2014, Demand Metric stated that 95% of marketers said the video was becoming far more important. Today 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future – Source: Nielsen


Online Ordering

Click. Click. Done!

Did you know: We design, implement and support custom web to print solutions for clients across North America and have been doing so for over 15 years.

Automated self-service is requested by more and more businesses as a means of reducing costs and improving customer contact. It is a growing global trend in efficient and effective order processing.

Click. Click. Done! Web to print solutions offer convenient and easy 24 hour 365 day self-service. They offer brand integrity, inventory control and detailed data reports. They allow your company to extend its reach around the world with immediate distributed marketing.


Webmaster Services

Maintenance Maintenance  Maintenance

You desire a fixed budget & routine scheduled maintenance. Your site needs work, some additional features & you can benefit from recurring work.

Your site(s) needs occasional work, fixes or added features. You prefer pay as you go, and fixing things as they come up. You have small projects.

Emergency Website Maintenance; for website maintenance needed immediately only this is your insurance plan.


Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Quick fixes don’t last. Our reputation management services team will custom build a package for each partnership to deliver long-term success and real return on investment. As ORM experts in search engine optimization, digital marketing and public relations, we’re equipped to handle emerging problems fast and the most massive of challenges that other firms say are impossible to fix.

Our approach is always to avoid potential problems rather than to repair however our team is ready and prepared for anything.


Vancouver Printing

We have more than 35 years of printing experience and excellence In Vancouver.

Business to Business (B2B)
Business to Consumer (B2C)

Promotional products & Commercial Printer supplier – Today, we at Allegra Vancouver – False Creek are multimedia integrators, a company that provides clients with both traditional & leading-edge communication from large format printing to SEO, web design & development. We transform ideas into messages, images and products designed to captivate your audience. Our highly skilled team of professionals has the creative and technical resources you need for any communications project, – from planning, concept and design, through print and production to distribution.

At Allegra Marketing Print Web Vancouver, we are committed to building relationships and designing solutions. In fact, we’ve chosen our name – a derivation of “allegro” a musical term for picking up the tempo – to reflect the highly responsive way we work with our clients.

Consumer’s Choice Awards

Vancouver consumers have chosen Allegra Marketing Print Web as the recipient of the annual Consumer Choice award for the Best Printing & Digital Services company in Vancouver every year since 2010.

Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialist

Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialist

Allegra Marketing Print Web has partnered with Canada Post to help you build you next mail campaign with your business objectives in mind.

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Looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas? Allegra is your one-stop Vancouver & Lower Mainland shop for promotional products and business gifts. Our extensive range of promo products will ensure you find something to suit your requirements.

With 1000s of selections, Allegra offers branded printed merchandise to fulfill all of your needs.

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