Online Ordering - Click. Click. Done!

Your customized, online portal for managing print material and maximizing marketing efforts – while minimizing costs.

Our Online Order site is your convenient and cost-effective online ordering system and marketing resource centre. Whether you want to customize business cards, posters, sales sheets and other marketing material, or just re-order forms and other printed documents – our Online Order site can be scaled to meet all of your print and marketing needs.

You can achieve increased efficiency and lower administrative costs with:
•   Online ordering of products
•   Storage of products
•   Assembly and packaging
•   Shipping to multiple locations

Allegra Online Order site supports three main types of documents: variable, static and downloadable. For ultimate flexibility, variable documents can be built to allow for customization and personalization of content and graphics.

Complementing the variable option, Allegra Online Order site also supports the addition of static and downloadable documents – eliminating the need for you to maintain digital and/or printed copies at your business. You can order only what you need, when you need it!