Email Marketing - Do I know you?

Email is the second most used feature on the internet, preceded only by search. In a consumer study by Epsilon Global, 64% of email recipients regularly purchased goods, 57% entered for sweepstakes, and 42% accessed reward program information. Email campaigns are a powerful tool if done right. Our process includes the following steps to make sure your promotion offers an engaging user experience:

1) The Reader
The accuracy of your list is a crucial to the success of your campaign. The more detail you can provide about your audience, the better your chance to actually end up in the recipient’s inbox and not in a spam filter. We will gladly help you work our the kinks in your business intelligence.

2) Your Message
Why does your recipient want to hear from you? What is your offer that compels your reader to click on the email message? How can you define and streamline your content and design that it offers value to your audience? Good design and a properly implemented user experience UX play a big part of your success, our team will gladly share their insight and knowledge with you.

3) Your Goals
What is it you’re trying to achieve with your campaign? The more detailed your email marketing objective, the more detailed analytics we can provide. Examples:

- Increasing your email list by 20% a year from now
- Collect additional user data such as gender, location, age, purchasing habits
- Increase online sales for a new product or service

4) Timeline
How frequently should you send out your campaign? When is too much too much? What days and time of day are more beneficial to your target audience?